Zoolers* is a collaboration with designer/illustrator Jonathan Torres. It started out with a thought, "Let's make rulers more fun, so that adults and kids can enjoy using them!" 
We created a series of rulers shaped like zoo animals with colorful patterns and designs. There are 5 in total - a giraffe, a crocodile, an octopus, a snail and an elephant - with a possibility of expansion to other animals for future designs. The rulers are die-cut from plastic then silkscreened with the designs on top. We decided to name the products Zoolers, give each animal a name and a backstory, then create a packaging system for them. 
Special thanks to Connor Rouse, Bobby Ngo & Matias Ocana for helping us with this project.
*The Zoolers are still in a concept and prototype phase. We plan to kickstart these products and have them mass produced once we figure out and finalize the production and cost. Please check back for future updates on the project.