OAKLEY Packaging Redesign
We were asked by OAKLEY to propose a packaging system for the Sliver and Jawbreaker sunglasses. The theme for the system was about discovering and exploring new, hidden areas and be surprised by what you find. 
In order to separate the two product lines, the design of New York city map were used for Sliver (lifestyle) while Jawbreaker (performance) contains topographic map of Mount Everest. The designs can be further expanded by adding different maps of other cities and recreational areas for Sliver and Jawbreaker, respectively.

Playing with the idea of discovering and exploring hidden information, the packagings were designed in a way that would reveal a surprise as you interact with the boxes. To achieve such desired effect, red and blue were used for the transparent sleeves while the design of the maps were printed in yellow and light teal. This allows the sleeves to block out the colors of the maps and only reveal anything printed in black. The result is a packaging that embodies complexity and simplicity in its design.