Self-initiated Project Credits: Jonathan Torres/Designer & Huan Nguyen/Designer
ZOOLERS is a collaboration with designer/illustrator Jonathan Torres. It started out with a thought, “Let's make rulers more fun, so that adults and kids can enjoy using them!"

We created a series of rulers shaped like zoo animals with colorful patterns and designs. There are 5 in total - a giraffe, a crocodile, an octopus, a snail and an elephant - with a possibility of expansion to other animals for future designs. The rulers are die-cut from plastic then silkscreened with the designs on top. We decided to name the products Zoolers, give each animal a name and a backstory, then create a packaging system for them.

Special thanks to Connor Rouse, Bobby Ngo & Matias Ocana for helping us with this project.

ADC 96th Annual Student Award - Merit